Monday, April 7, 2008

What to buy?

Hello fellow RGBP Cachers

I talked with my partner about investing in a GPS machine. She thought that geocaching would be a very expensive hobby however she also thinks it would be a justifiable spending money on a GPS if we can use it in the car. We get lost trying to find our way out of a paper bag I tell ya what. So is there a machine that will work for geocaching and the car.

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revabi said...

Um, from what I am reading, it is not expensive, but let the experts tell us.

You can buy a handheld that is a good one, that you can dock in your car, and the software for. and it will work both ways. I think it was mentioned in the email

Just check out the Garmin or Magellan websites and they will tell you which is for what, also the Geo caching website tells you as well. But again, our experts need to talk. I am not one.

Our GPS for the car is an inexpensive model and is great for navigation. In fact it has found some really great shortcuts to out of town meetings I have had to go to that I didn't know existed. But as far as geo caching, I haven't figured it out yet.

GorFam said...

I'm just getting started but so far have only spent gas money. I do have the unit on order to do more extensive finds.

Look at - that is where we have ordered the Magellin 400 that is on sale.

I don't think geogaching is the unit's first purpose - I think they are intended for finding your way out of a paper bag!

Gen216 said...

A hand held that has enough memory can easily be used for driving maps as well. But you usually have to pay additional money for those maps. A basic handheld for geocaching can be had for $100-$150 without additional maps.

The Magellan eXplorist 400 (through Amazon for $90) has more than enough memory and is on a closeout deal because Magellan is replacing the eXplorist with Triton.

Garmin also makes solid, user friendly GPSrs but since I've never used them I don't know much about them.

In geocaching circles there are folks who are die hard Magellan or die hard Garmin users (kinda like those devoted to Ford or Chevy). There are differences but they are usually more style than substance. The more satellites it picks up, the more accurate the reading. Mine reads 12 sats and has WAAS. I can't remember what WAAS is but it's a good thing.

You can spend significant money but you do not HAVE to spend significant money.