Wednesday, April 9, 2008

It Arrived!

The new Magellin 400 arrived. We've spend the evening putting in the sim card and battery, downloading the instruction manuel and updates and charging the battery.

Darn - I don't have the first idea how to use the things. Well I'll actually read the manuel tomorrow. It's been snowy the last few days but the weekend should be stunning.

There are a couple of caches that have so eluded me...oldest daughter and I have been hanging out under a foot bridge looking for a certain cache but have only seen a rat. I hope the GPS gets us closer.


Anonymous said...

It's here! It's here!

when you attach the usb cable to the back, make sure the cable goes down the body (not toward the top) That's the easiest mistake to make

Anonymous said...

have you read other's logs about that cache? sometimes you can get clues from what they post

GorFam said...

Yes! While I've been geocaching without a GPS I take ALL the hints.

For instance by picures, I figured out that one was not along the lake shore but on the island shortly off shore. Since half the lake is still iced over and there are mini glaciers of snow calving off, I didn't make a swim for it.

revabi said...

Oh goody. Mine didn't come yet. Wahh. Maybe tomorrow. i am really hoping it is here in time for the trip and that we can do some geo caching in the mountains or at least on the way or nearby. I will be royally disappointed if not.

Good luck getting your gps figured out. Enjoy the snow , and hope you get to do some geo caching.

Anonymous said...

the Incredible's are in!! the boyz think this sounds like a lot of fun and even Mr Incredible is feeling enthusiastic!! Will get the GPS this weekend

GorFam said...

Yea Elastigirl is in!

GorFam said...
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Rev Honey said...

Our Garmin GPS 76 (for land and marine use) is still on its way. I am so jealous. I have been in the vicinity of at least 4 caches, but was not able to locate them because 1) I am not clear on what I am looking for, and 2) there are "muggles" around.
One that briguy and I have almost found is this has murals and math to do just so that you can get the coordinates! Really fun!
SO..for the smallest of caches - what exactly are we looking for?

GorFam said...

The smallest cache I've found was a screw together anodized alluminum pellet - wouldn't even hold an asperin unless you broke it in half. There was a 1/2" by 3" paper stuffed inside that was the log.

It was glued to a magnet and stuck on the back of a park bench.

there is a place on the geocaching site that people can check how big it is.

did you read the wikipedia article?

Rev Honey said...

I just saw the wikipedia article on our links; I'll get right to it.

revabi said...

Well, it looks like mine is not going to come in on time before the trip. Waahhh. The kids are sad. Waahh. But we plan to do it the following weekend we get back.