Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Back from geo-caching on vacation

Well, all, we are back. And yes we geo cached with the Garmin GPS. It was a lot of fun for the kids. And Bob really got into it. I finally figured out how to find the waypoints on the GPS, since it is not really a hand held. My new GPS came while I was gone, so I am looking forward to getting it working and going out GPSing. I will post more about the geo caching, when I am not so tired and all, not from the vacation but from the last few days back. All I got to say, is it was really fun. If this link works, you can go to the cache's we found in North Carolina.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Now at Three Finds

Our Garmin GPSMAP 76 arrived Tuesday, and we have been putting it to good work. We chose this model - an older model - because we will use it for boating and geocaching. Newer models have color screens, but they are more expensive and also require purchase of chart software (adding another $100+ to the ticket). This model has everything we need built right in. It does not offer turn by turn road navigation...but that's why we have me...that's my job. And, thanks to Julie we have an LG that can do all that for us.

Last night I found a mini cache in the property across the street from the church. I had to do a little bush-wacking, but it was worth it. Then, this afternoon our older son jumped in on the game and helped find a mini cache near our local ice rink.

The Garmin is working great...my only disappointment is that something is keeping me from uploading cache coordinates directly from the geo-caching website to the Garmin. We'll tackle that again over the weekend.

I am amazed at the interest in gc-ing here; there are more than 20 caches in our zip code alone.

This is just plain fun!!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Looking at GPS

I was at Bestbuy yesterday, scratching my head wondering which GPS to buy.

My eyes glazed over as I looked at all those little screens wondering, what will work for my car and work for this new hobby I want to take up.

Do any of you have a GPS that you are using for both car and hobby?

Peace and love

Monday, April 14, 2008

How Cool is This?!?

If you go to Signals.com and look at the personalized stuff, you'll find this:

Personalized Latitude & Longitude Doormat

EXCLUSIVE! When guests come to your house, they'll know right where they are. Doormat is personalized with the coordinates for your city or town. Don't worry; you don't have to know them. Specify the U.S. ZIP code (no P.O. Box please) and we'll figure it out. USA only. Doormat is 100% Olefin with a synthetic jute backing. To clean, just hose it down. 27" x 18". Allow 3‑4 weeks. No rush delivery or gift box. Click for larger image.

Personalized Lattitude & Longitude Doormat ****
(HC4092) Click for larger image Add To Wishlist Tell a friend
* Rush/Overnight delivery not available
* Gift wrap not available for this item
* Personalization required - you will be prompted on the following page
* Drop ship item - can only be delivered in the Continental US

Friday, April 11, 2008

Never say Nevah

Okay, so the Handheld GPS we ordered did not come. Does that stop hubby and me? No way.
We got the way points to some caches in North Carolina downloaded to our Garmin Nuvi after we downloaded the software to be able to download the way points. . I had already made the paper copies of the caches last night. And guess, what there were the way points in the Garmin Nuvi, after we figured out how to find them on it.

Even my hubby got excited. Of course he said, what is a cache? So after he I explained it to him, he agreed with me this should be good for us and the kids. So off to North Carolina we go. I even found some caches along the way to see if we can find when we take some breaks with the kids.

I'll let you know how it goes.

Never say nevah!

Hope we don't find snakes and spiders etc. They don't bother Bob and me, but the kids freak out over them. LOL

We did it too!

We (son briguy 7720 and I) located our first geocache today! After playing with the LG 735 I realized that I could plug coordinates in, but after practicing with it a bit, I decided that using the GPS with a journal of coordinates worked best.

I actually located the cache before briguy got home from school, in a park about 3 miles from our home. But I didn't pull it then because 1) I wanted him to be there, and 2) there was a darn big spider sitting on the lid of it, and I just don't like those creatures that much.

So, when briguy got home, we went back, gently chased the spider away with a stick, and pulled the small tube cache out of the hollowed-out limb. So much fun! He is so pumped about this. It's neat to have something new to share with him.

So, rev honey and briguy7720 have logged their first, and have begun seeking other caches...but a wedding rehearsal and sr high glow-bowling outing will occupy our time tonight.

God is good...all the time!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

It Arrived!

The new Magellin 400 arrived. We've spend the evening putting in the sim card and battery, downloading the instruction manuel and updates and charging the battery.

Darn - I don't have the first idea how to use the things. Well I'll actually read the manuel tomorrow. It's been snowy the last few days but the weekend should be stunning.

There are a couple of caches that have so eluded me...oldest daughter and I have been hanging out under a foot bridge looking for a certain cache but have only seen a rat. I hope the GPS gets us closer.

Monday, April 7, 2008

I did it

Wasn't planning on it, but did my first Geo Cache today. The ministers were talking at lunch about different things. One of them asked me how I was doing and I told him. He told me he hoped I found some time for fun during all this. And I said funny you would say that and told him about starting to do Geo Caching. Well one of the other ministers has been doing it since June, and piped in. He then took me with him and had me do the gps. It was so much fun. He took a picture of me at my first Geo Cache. If I get it, I'll post it. I am on my way. He and his wife do this together. He said it has become one of the most calming things he does. And I got an email notification that my GPS I ordered is on its way. Yea. Also joined Geocaching. Here is my name on there seekandfindMt77.

Got to go log in that I found the cache!

Glossery of terms

This post is in answer to the last one. It is copied from the geocaching.com site under "getting started" (with adaptations). I do want to say I am not an expert having just learned about this on the BE, found just 7 caches, and am still waiting for my firs GPS (will will arrive today or tomorrow)... but I'm not excited or anything;-)

The Geocaching.com glossary is always changing. If you have any additions, contact us.

Archivex This is usually seen when you own a cache. Archiving is basically deleting your cache from the listings on the web site. This usually occurs when you are not going to replace a cache after it has been removed. You can temporarily disable it as the cache owner if you plan to activate it again within a month.

Benchmark See benchmark hunting for more details.

CITO - Cache In Trash Out - When out geocaching, take a bag with you and pick up trash along the way! More info can be found on the Cache In Trash Out page .

Cache -Pronounced "cash" - In geocaching it is a hidden container filled with a log book and pencil/pen, and possibly prizes. Caches were often used by explorers, miners, etc. to hide foodstuffs and other items for emergency purposes. People still hide caches of supplies today for similar reasons.
Geocaching comes from the terms "geo" and "cache" to explain the sport. Some caches have cash in them, but there is no pun intended :)

Datum - A datum is something used as a basis for calculating and measuring. In the case of GPS, datums are different calculations for determining longitude and latitude for a given location. Currently, Geocaching uses the WGS84 datum for all caches. Many maps still use NAD27, which can cause confusion if your GPS unit is set to NAD27. Always check your GPS to ensure that WGS84 is the datum before entering a cache coordinate into your unit.

FTF -First To Find. Usually found in the forums or written in the online or physical log books.

Geomuggle or Muggle -A non-geocacher. Based on "Muggle" from the Harry Potter series, which is a nonmagical person. Usually this term is used after a non geocacher looks puzzled at a geocacher making circles with their GPS receiver, or when a non-geocacher accidentally finds a cache. Geomuggles are mostly harmless. One can purchase "Muggle" cards explaining what you are doing when questioned.

GPS - GPS stands for Global Positioning System. It is a system of satellites that work with a GPS receiver to determine your location on the planet.
Geocaching uses GPS to help hide and seek caches on the planet. For more information on GPS, visit Trimble's web site .

GPSr - Slang for a GPS receiver. Equipment to receive GPS signals for use in navigation.

Hitchhiker - A hitchhiker is an item that is placed in a cache, and has instructions to travel to other caches. Sometimes they have logbooks attached so you can log their travels. A Travel Bug is an example of a hitchhiker.

Latitude - Latitude and longitude create a waypoint. Latitude is the angular distance north or south from the earth's equator measured through 90 degrees. (Listen to this mp3 for an entertaining way to learn about longitude and latitude (thanks to ACME ))

Letterbox(ing) - Letterboxing is similar to Geocaching, but you use a series of clues to find a container. Once you find the container (or letterbox), you take a carved stamp from the box and stamp your personal logbook. You then take your carved stamp and stamp the letterbox's log book. See Letterboxing North America for more info.

Longitude - Latitude and longitude create a waypoint. Longitude is the angular distance measured on a great circle of reference from the intersection of the adopted zero meridian with this reference circle to the similar intersection of the meridian passing through the object. (Listen to this mp3 for an entertaining and non-technical way to learn about longitude and latitude (thanks to ACME ))

Markwelled - When a response to a new post in the forums points you to a similar topic in the past. Based on the user Markwell .

NAD27 Stands for North American Datum 1927. The precursor to WGS84. Many maps still use the NAD27 datum , so always check before using a GPS unit with a map.

Spoiler -A spoiler is information that can give details away and ruin the experience of something. For example, telling someone the end of a movie before they see it. In geocaching, a spoiler gives away details of a cache location and can ruin the experience of the hunt.

TFTC -Thanks for the cache!

TFTH -Thanks for the hunt!

TNLN -Took Nothing. Left Nothing. Usually found in cache logbooks for folks that enjoy the thrill of the hunt more than the material contents of the cache.

TNLNSL / TNSL -Took Nothing. Left Nothing. Signed Logbook / Took Nothing. Signed Logbook.

Travel Bug - A Travel Bug is a hitchiker. Visit the travel bug page to learn more about it.

Virtual (cache) - Adapted from "Virtual Reality," virtual means "nothing there." So a virtual cache means there is no cache container. It's the location that is the cache itself. Nothing is normally traded, except photos and experiences.

WAAS - WAAS stands for Wide Area Augmentation System, but that doesn't really describe what it is. Garmin has an excellent description on WAAS .

Watch list - A watch list is a list of users that are watching a specific travel bug or cache. On some cache pages there is a number of users watching the cache. There is no current functionality to see who those people are.

Waypoint -Waypoints are named coordinates representing points on the surface of the Earth.
Geocaching uses a suggested waypoint for a cache, created automatically when a cache has been created. We generate a waypoint "GC Code" based on the ID of the cache. It is optional, but makes it easier to locate a cache on the geocaching web site.

WGS84 -The most current geodetic datum used for GPS is the World Geodetic System of 1984 (WGS84). The significance of WGS84 comes about because GPS receivers rely on WGS84.
Geocaching uses the WGS84 datum by default. We also use the format HDDD MM.MM, which is a standard for GPS receivers (like the eTrex).

HDD- means Hemisphere and degrees. MM.MM are minutes in decimal format. If you have any questions, you can either visit the forums or contact us directly . It is critical that the format is correct, otherwise cachers will be unable to find your cache!

Help again

Would our most senior geocacher be willing to provide us with a working glossary of the game? What exactly is a travel bug? And how does it differ from a geo-coin? Any guidance would be much appreciated!

This blog a cache?

I wanted to say that as y'all sign on I've been granting admin status (can't spell the priv.... word so I won't try) so feel free to to treat it like a cache and add blog bling or fix anything that's awkward - like that title bar.

security! there must be a cache near!

Oklahoma Monday, December 18, 2006
Found it MillerTrio found Want to Go to Wally World/Lewis (Traditional Cache)
This was really fun! We found it after security found us. He was really cool and even helped us with some light. This was our first out-of-state-away-from-home find.

this find started a series of encounters with security and law enforcement. some knew about geocaching, some we had to teach.

We drug my sister along for this cache. It was her first. And I "let" her talk to security! Only after I determined that he was in a good mood and friendly did I appear to show him the printed log sheet and actually explain the game. She gave me a really hard time about that and I laughed!

About a month later I was back home in a wooded patch when a real deal police officer found me. He yelled, "What are you doing?" I thought for a moment and then kinda tentatively said, "Geocaching?" His response, "Great! Where's the cache?" I showed him where it was and then he gave me 3 travel bugs. As soon as I got to the car, I called my sister and was laughing so much it was hard to tell the story.

one of our MillerTrio adventures

There are a series of caches hidden at Cracker Barrel restaurants. They are placed with corporate permission. We travel past this one fairly regularly. The waypoint is GCQBEH if you want to look at the page itself. Here's the log we posted for the find.

Well, the good news is we got to eat. The bad news is we ate while waiting for the Roadside Assistance guy to come change the tire that was leaking bad enough we could hear the air pouring out. Meanwhile, the cache was easy to grab while we waited. Signed it while tire guy was getting paperwork together. Put it back while tire guy was loosening the lug nuts. After watching him work to loosen those things, I knew calling him was the right choice!

What to buy?

Hello fellow RGBP Cachers

I talked with my partner about investing in a GPS machine. She thought that geocaching would be a very expensive hobby however she also thinks it would be a justifiable spending money on a GPS if we can use it in the car. We get lost trying to find our way out of a paper bag I tell ya what. So is there a machine that will work for geocaching and the car.

Peace and love,

Getting Started

While I wait for the arrival of the GPS unit, I've registered at geocaching.com and looked for caches in my zip code. Wow! They are all over, some a short walk from the house and others a bike ride (well I havn't actually been out on the bike but I could have if...if... well if If I'd gotten out on the bike). When I look at the logs it seems as if other people find this area exceptionally high in caches. So far I've found 7 - including easy ones that are virtual and you go and get information off a historical marker or something and log it. A good easy way to get started.

Others we've found are from the clues - like scrambling up into a spot where a clock used to hang on main street. I looked at hubbie's face when he reached in and grabbed the altoid can with a magnet stuck on it and I knew he was "caught." However we tried a night find in "high muggle areas" last night be were not successful and then hubby was certain someone would shoot first and ask what we were doing later.

What I keep thinking about is that how amazing it is that there is this life going on just under the surface all around me. A whole community that I've never seen before beginning literally at the corner of the street where I live. Isn't that the way of people? I keep imagining an underground railroad type of thing. When I get to the next step I think I'll get a travel bug and see if I can set it in motion to one of you willing to track it and search for it when (if) it reaches your area. Let me know if interested!

There are many that I'll need the GPS for and will take a nice walk with the dogs but for now we are busy with those that are so cleverly hidden that a GPS can't get us any closer than the clues.


I checked with LG today, and my 735 does not allow me to geocache :(

However, the handheld GPS that we will be buying for use on our cruiser will. Hub and I will be looking for that in the next few weeks.

In the meantime, I've signed up with geocaching.com and am awaiting an e-mail from another local gc-er to learn about any groups that meet/share stories in our area.

I can be patient!

Sunday, April 6, 2008


My friend Julie gave me her LG LN 735 car navigator. :)
She was not using it and their new car has one.
I can't readily see how to plug in a GPS waypoint...it only seems to take addresses, zips, etc.

Could that really be the way it's designed...or am I just slow?

Rev Honey

I bought

I ordered the Magellan eXplorist 400 Handheld GPS by our geocaching expert. I hope it comes soon, as we are going on vacation next week to the Mountains. Wouldn't it be neat to put it to use and find some caches. So what is the next step involved or the next thing I need to do? Can't wait. By the way we are going to North Carolina and staying in Banner Elk.

Thanks for this.

What's it all about?

So, a bunch of us who have blogs in common got together and went on a cruise. Some had met each other - most had not. We had a facilitator who encouraged a more spiritual side of our cruise and then making fun was up to us. We didn't take much encouragement to be successful.

One of the members of this group was a geocacher. On a shore day, a small group went in search of a cache and came back successful international geocachers. I hope they will blog here about that experience.

This blog then is an outgrowth of that time together because what I realized is that this is something that can bring the family together out in the fresh air and away from the screen. After all daughter, 17 just said, "I don't want you going out caching without me today, but let's wait for chibi (14) to wake up". This blog is for those who share a common hobby to get together and share even though we are now all far away. In fact here I hope our geographic seperation will enhance the experience as we share pictures and tales of the hunt in differing locals.