Friday, April 11, 2008

We did it too!

We (son briguy 7720 and I) located our first geocache today! After playing with the LG 735 I realized that I could plug coordinates in, but after practicing with it a bit, I decided that using the GPS with a journal of coordinates worked best.

I actually located the cache before briguy got home from school, in a park about 3 miles from our home. But I didn't pull it then because 1) I wanted him to be there, and 2) there was a darn big spider sitting on the lid of it, and I just don't like those creatures that much.

So, when briguy got home, we went back, gently chased the spider away with a stick, and pulled the small tube cache out of the hollowed-out limb. So much fun! He is so pumped about this. It's neat to have something new to share with him.

So, rev honey and briguy7720 have logged their first, and have begun seeking other caches...but a wedding rehearsal and sr high glow-bowling outing will occupy our time tonight.

God is good...all the time!


revabi said...

oh wow, what fun.
Too bad about the spidey thing,
but yea for the find.

Rev. Sweet said...

Yea! Way to go! What a charge to find your first

ElastiGirl said...

CONGRATS!! How fun!!