Monday, April 7, 2008

I did it

Wasn't planning on it, but did my first Geo Cache today. The ministers were talking at lunch about different things. One of them asked me how I was doing and I told him. He told me he hoped I found some time for fun during all this. And I said funny you would say that and told him about starting to do Geo Caching. Well one of the other ministers has been doing it since June, and piped in. He then took me with him and had me do the gps. It was so much fun. He took a picture of me at my first Geo Cache. If I get it, I'll post it. I am on my way. He and his wife do this together. He said it has become one of the most calming things he does. And I got an email notification that my GPS I ordered is on its way. Yea. Also joined Geocaching. Here is my name on there seekandfindMt77.

Got to go log in that I found the cache!


GorFam said...

Yea Abi! I'm glad you enjoyed yourself.

DogBlogger said...

Cool! Way to go, Abi!

Gen216 said...

Abi, that is so cool! Part of what I like about geocaching is the "look at what I did aspect" that is hard to find in ministry

The problem solving/challenge also pulls me in. I end up outside and moving my body much more than I would if I didn't geocache