Monday, April 7, 2008

security! there must be a cache near!

Oklahoma Monday, December 18, 2006
Found it MillerTrio found Want to Go to Wally World/Lewis (Traditional Cache)
This was really fun! We found it after security found us. He was really cool and even helped us with some light. This was our first out-of-state-away-from-home find.

this find started a series of encounters with security and law enforcement. some knew about geocaching, some we had to teach.

We drug my sister along for this cache. It was her first. And I "let" her talk to security! Only after I determined that he was in a good mood and friendly did I appear to show him the printed log sheet and actually explain the game. She gave me a really hard time about that and I laughed!

About a month later I was back home in a wooded patch when a real deal police officer found me. He yelled, "What are you doing?" I thought for a moment and then kinda tentatively said, "Geocaching?" His response, "Great! Where's the cache?" I showed him where it was and then he gave me 3 travel bugs. As soon as I got to the car, I called my sister and was laughing so much it was hard to tell the story.


GorFam said...

OH MY GOSH! This is second on the list of what my hubby is afraid of!!! He says we look like we're casing the joint looking for a micro in a delapadated, empty building downtown.

I've noticed on the profile of one of the GCers in the area is law enforcement so I'm banking on that one when we are out with a flashlight searching a window frame.

See? these are the great stories I'm talking about.

GorFam said...

I first read that you'd drugged your sister to take her along. I guess I was reading my family dynamics into this ;-)

revabi said...

What a hoot. And well handled and well played. What a great story.