Sunday, April 6, 2008


My friend Julie gave me her LG LN 735 car navigator. :)
She was not using it and their new car has one.
I can't readily see how to plug in a GPS only seems to take addresses, zips, etc.

Could that really be the way it's designed...or am I just slow?

Rev Honey


revabi said...

Not sure we have a GPS for the car, but I guess I could figure it out if necessary it is a Garmin. Great for navigating.Its a nuvi 350. I guess if we went to the website we could get some answers. otherwise, I can't answer you, sorry.

GorFam said...

Ohh I think we need the expertise of Gen 216! I'm such a newbie too.

revabi said...

Okay checked out the Garmin Website, the car's GPS is for navigation, but it does have a Mp3 player in it. Not sure how that would work for geocaching.

Anonymous said...

you need longitude and latitude for geocaching. some car gps receivers have it and some don't. some car receivers only turn it "on" if you tell it to