Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Now at Three Finds

Our Garmin GPSMAP 76 arrived Tuesday, and we have been putting it to good work. We chose this model - an older model - because we will use it for boating and geocaching. Newer models have color screens, but they are more expensive and also require purchase of chart software (adding another $100+ to the ticket). This model has everything we need built right in. It does not offer turn by turn road navigation...but that's why we have me...that's my job. And, thanks to Julie we have an LG that can do all that for us.

Last night I found a mini cache in the property across the street from the church. I had to do a little bush-wacking, but it was worth it. Then, this afternoon our older son jumped in on the game and helped find a mini cache near our local ice rink.

The Garmin is working only disappointment is that something is keeping me from uploading cache coordinates directly from the geo-caching website to the Garmin. We'll tackle that again over the weekend.

I am amazed at the interest in gc-ing here; there are more than 20 caches in our zip code alone.

This is just plain fun!!!

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revabi said...

What fun. I think the black and white is okay for this too.