Monday, April 7, 2008

Getting Started

While I wait for the arrival of the GPS unit, I've registered at and looked for caches in my zip code. Wow! They are all over, some a short walk from the house and others a bike ride (well I havn't actually been out on the bike but I could have if...if... well if If I'd gotten out on the bike). When I look at the logs it seems as if other people find this area exceptionally high in caches. So far I've found 7 - including easy ones that are virtual and you go and get information off a historical marker or something and log it. A good easy way to get started.

Others we've found are from the clues - like scrambling up into a spot where a clock used to hang on main street. I looked at hubbie's face when he reached in and grabbed the altoid can with a magnet stuck on it and I knew he was "caught." However we tried a night find in "high muggle areas" last night be were not successful and then hubby was certain someone would shoot first and ask what we were doing later.

What I keep thinking about is that how amazing it is that there is this life going on just under the surface all around me. A whole community that I've never seen before beginning literally at the corner of the street where I live. Isn't that the way of people? I keep imagining an underground railroad type of thing. When I get to the next step I think I'll get a travel bug and see if I can set it in motion to one of you willing to track it and search for it when (if) it reaches your area. Let me know if interested!

There are many that I'll need the GPS for and will take a nice walk with the dogs but for now we are busy with those that are so cleverly hidden that a GPS can't get us any closer than the clues.


revabi said...

oh goodie. I think my husband will get hooked too as well as the kids. Husband will say this is like his military orienting days only with better tech equipment.

GorFam said...

Yea, a nice way to bring the family together