Monday, April 7, 2008

one of our MillerTrio adventures

There are a series of caches hidden at Cracker Barrel restaurants. They are placed with corporate permission. We travel past this one fairly regularly. The waypoint is GCQBEH if you want to look at the page itself. Here's the log we posted for the find.

Well, the good news is we got to eat. The bad news is we ate while waiting for the Roadside Assistance guy to come change the tire that was leaking bad enough we could hear the air pouring out. Meanwhile, the cache was easy to grab while we waited. Signed it while tire guy was getting paperwork together. Put it back while tire guy was loosening the lug nuts. After watching him work to loosen those things, I knew calling him was the right choice!


GorFam said...

Ohh, sorry to hear about the tire, but you do have a way of turning even the bad things into good.

We don'g have Cracker Barrels out here but is there a list somewhere of corporations that allow?

revabi said...

Now that is neat about Cracker Barrels, I love Cracker Barrel. But not so great about the tire, hope things turn out okay.
What an adventure.