Sunday, April 6, 2008

I bought

I ordered the Magellan eXplorist 400 Handheld GPS by our geocaching expert. I hope it comes soon, as we are going on vacation next week to the Mountains. Wouldn't it be neat to put it to use and find some caches. So what is the next step involved or the next thing I need to do? Can't wait. By the way we are going to North Carolina and staying in Banner Elk.

Thanks for this.


GorFam said...

I've just bought the same one and am looking for it to come as well.

gen216 said...

this is a terrific one for geocaching. there is MapSend software that comes with the unit that will help your gps and computer "talk" to each other.

While you are waiting for delivery, go to and register (it's free). Then you can search for caches in the desired area. Those caches can be printed or loaded on the gps. There are all kinds of helpful hints on the forums and the other buttons on the left side of the geocaching home page.

If you have a pda you may want to download gpxsonar. I have it on my pocket pc. GpxSonar stores the original webpage on the pda. I've found it very handy for paperless caching. (but I'm also a premium member now which helps with getting the caches I want loaded electronically.)

Or, you can always do what I did in the beginning ... print out the pages of the caches you want to find. You may want to include the last five logs to help with clues for where to find it. I usually read the logs and then decided what to print.